I see this morning and it makes me wonder: what is the relationship between commerce and civic society?

April 8th, 2014, 10am

It was 8°C with few clouds. There was moderate breeze.

I mean can a pop up bank or to speak generally a popup store, encourage people to go into civic activities? To create more of a community?

I wonder because the bank pictured here as far as a know doesn’t have a permanent branch. It’s purpose is to convert obviously. It’s to get them to try something new. To go in a new direction. To overread it.

I guess I see it and I think, these are like public interventions, even through they are there for the money rather than to wake people up to something.

Well maybe they kind of are; they are waking them up to that they provide better banking than another bank.

Can popup style things like things make people curious, more outgoing, willing to take a risk, more willing to wear the heart on the hand(or even their head)? It just seemed that by imposing something that isn’t going to be always there, it makes an occasion. An event.

Maybe this particular trailer isn’t going to be the talk of the down but what if it was something else? Say a food stall, a temporary newstand or bookseller. Because it is something that isn’t going to be their forever, it creates urgency. That urgency might make chance encounters.

This would depend on the design(what they do and does it facilitate interacting with other people) of it, and the staff(how trained they are and how nice and inviting the staff are) involved. If it was successful, could you find other people starting to make more commerce based or just popup things be it art driven or community creation driven events?

Overtime these installations can create a sense of community because it could act as an introduction to you fellow neighbours. From there the people who have just lived there now are a community and are invested in the place. Creating a emotional investment in more than there home address.

Also I thought iPhone were suppose to take good pictures?

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