Today's office.

October 24th, 2013, 1pm

It was 8°C. The wind was light.

Victoria’s Atrium building — sitting snuggly on Blanshard Street between Johnson and Yates — is a beautiful piece of architecture and one of my favourite places to work. There’s no obligation to buy anything or even do anything specific; it’s that rare public space where you can just sit and be a while.

I settle in at the long common table in the middle of the open concept main floor, a table that can at once serve as both a place of productivity and a tiny window into the lives of others.

Job interviews. Casual coffee dates. Date dates. Strategy meetings. Employees bitching about their bosses. Bosses bitching about their employees. A quiet catch-up on reading material. A board game. It’s fascinating the strands of human interaction you witness in a communal space.

Most assume that working for yourself is lonely, but sitting in a place like this, I feel more in tune with the people, city, and culture that surrounds me than I ever did sitting in an office.

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Jordan Clarke

A recent casualty of the publishing industry. Now I'm just curious about all this stuff.

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