Succulents 101

June 22nd, 2014, 12pm

Don’t you love that sparkle in people’s eyes when they talk about things they’re super passionate about? It’s my favorite thing.

After brunch this morning, I asked Dave about his plans for the rest of the day. “I’m going to get some pots for my succulents,” he answered. Neat. Can I come?

The whole walk from the Mission to Succulence on Cortland Ave. was great. We laughed and climbed and critiqued house color combinations along the way. (I still want a blue-gray house with a red door.) It also felt like Succulents 101 — “And this one is called…” “This one only grows on…” “I want one of these…” Dave is a total boy scout and succulents geek and named almost every other plant on our long walk around Bernal Hill. We analyzed plants and he swiped a few leaves as he talked about why their flowers looked the way they do — oh, UX researchers!

When we finally got to the store, his eyes lit up like a kid in Disneyland. Ooohs and ahhhs, first from him, then from me, as he went to go pick his pots. I had to smile. Did I look that excited when I talked about paper and magazines and flying? I went around taking photos of all the pretty plants, super amazed by the depth of field achieved by this little iPhone 5S camera. I mean — really. (Also helps that the lighting was perfect.)


All in all, a wonderful quiet Sunday of good chatter, coffee, and exploring around the city. Need more Sundays like this. And more friends with fun hobbies.

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Christine Herrin

Designer. History major. Memory keeper, paper hoarder, frequent flyer.

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