I wait...

December 9th, 2014, 1am

I wait… Wait for the early hours of morning to think about you. About where you are in this grandiose world- Who you are… but most importantly I wonder if you think of me too.

You, who keeps me up at night. You, who keeps me hanging on. You, who pushes me closer to my dreams. You, whose face I cannot see and whose voice I cannot hear. The mysterious you.

I must be destined to meet you someday, the world could not leave us both in limbo. Or is this world so cruel? Perhaps it is still destined.. Fait keeps us apart until the time is right. When we have both fallen into our own rhythm of life, when we have both declared ourselves hopeless in the art of love. That is when time will bring us together to grant a little moment of infinity.

David Wade said thanks.

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Laura Vivas

Writer, Photographer, Dreamer, Traveler, Lover of the simple things in life.

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