Half way across

March 21st, 2014, 1pm

I have been crossing this bridge every six months for the past two and a half years on my way to an intensive psychotherapy & counselling workshop taking place at a remote village two hours away from Athens.

I love bridges. I get excited every time I cross one. Maybe because it took so long for bridges like these to be built in Greece. Growing up we would cross seas by ferries. A bridge was science fiction. And I guess when science fiction becomes reality one is bound to be amazed.

More than actual bridges, however, I love those metaphoric ones. The ones you cross in order to get close to others. Those amaze me, but also move me deeply. A firm believer in the notion that each one of us comes from a different planet, I hold bridges absolutely essential if we are to co-exist with others in this vast universe called life. I have, however, discovered something quite important during these past two and a half years of crossings. It’s wiser not to cross the entire bridge. It’s better to cross it only half way and wait for the other to cross his/her half. And I have also discovered something else. That apart from patience it takes trust that the other person will do his/her part in the bridging. Now, if the other does not bother, then chances are making the trip over won’t be worth your while anyway. You see, for one of those metaphoric bridges to exist it takes two builders. It’s not a solo project and it’s not a simple one. It takes will, guts, effort and time, and chances are not everyone will be available. So don’t get discouraged! If the other does not meet you half way, then just go back to your own planet and start building a new bridge towards a different planet. The universe is infinite!

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Maria Coveou

travel journalist, translator, freelance script supervisor for film & TV, film buff, lover of the written word and of music, blogger, vintage lover, '80s child, occasional flapper, Lindy hopper, traveler, thinker, dreamer, temporary alien [http://about.me/mariacoveou]

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