Just like a new day dawning is usually signified by the rising of the Sun, brilliant in it's luminosity so we too can have new and bright beginnings.

October 3rd, 2015, 10pm

Earlier today I was reading an article by Alistair Shaw on the 1Africa.tv website and I found that his thoughts rang true with me. Most people want to bury their failures as well as negative emotions that crop up in their lives. These emotions include anger, jealousy and disappointment among others. However, this approach does not allow one to emerge as a more mature and stronger person. In junior High I came to believe that Life is a Journey and not a destination, a key part of our existence should be our growth as people. This growth should encompass every area of our being (Spiritual, emotional, body, mind, soul, you name it) and just as a seed has to break through the soil to continue its growth so we too should break through barriers that we face in our lives rather than avoid them if we are to grow. Face your emotions, even when they are wrong emotions, understand them and and their root, only then can you know how to defeat them and uproot their causes. Study your failures, accept that they happened and resolve to forge on-wards and upwards to success, armed with the lessons gleaned from such experiences.

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Mubanga Kabwela

When I die and cross the river, may the words of My lord to me be "Well done good and faithful Servant, enter into the rest of your Lord."

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