Overwhelmed!... A time when nothing seems to go well... 

December 13th, 2015, 5am

”The days when things don’t go well”

Am I overwhelmed?

Well, I ask this question to me several times, but got ambiguous answers only, and I’m still in a dilemma, as things aren’t going perfectly, I know I mustn’t care for perfection, yet at least they should go well enough. Actually, I took part in a writing competition, a contest is going on on TOI where I’ve to put forward a story according to the given prompt and it must be submitted before 30th of each month.

Last month I got a prompt on 7th November, to be honest, it failed to tickle my fancy and I pouted glaring at it. But then a week before the deadline I got a nice plot out of sudden and after one whole night’s effort I completed my story. But hold on!…

It wasn’t a success because it exceeded the word limit, ”Oh hell!” why they define a writer’s freedom? I was a bit upset as if I shorten the story, it might unleash some good elements. Anyhow, I made it and was in the final process of editing on the last day and yes, I did it still remaining few hours, and so I merely had to transfer my data from mobile to PC thus I plugged in and it blew off suddenly giving a loud beep and wasn’t kicking in. Hmm, a big frustration….. Made me further upset as only 1 hour was left.

My only hope was my cell phone.

Then I tried to upload but only to find it was also on short on memory that I managed somehow and the worst part comes here…. A sudden blackout! The electricity went off, no internet connection as WiFi was off and no cellular signals were found either. Poor me, sleep starved and too lazy to do anything at that point.

Nothing could be more frustrating than feeling helpless…. But I summoned my courage and didn’t give up.
At last, later on that night, eventually, I got their site but, what? The deadline was over and I have to wait until the next writers prompt appears on 7th December.

The Next Month’s Contest Was…

My favorite Author is hosting this month’s contest. I eagerly started to read his prompt passage, it’s interesting, but too hard, I’ve been poking my head night long…. Still no Idea, nothing comes to my mind.

Even now, I’m struggling, why I find myself short of Ideas? Possibly it’s a writer’s block. I possess too many other things still pending, my computer still in the service center. A second contest on whattpad is awaiting me where I have more freedom of words and writing styles, but contest instructions are very unclear, everyone in the forum keeps asking how to enter and hardly finds any solution. Hence I’m planning to write a helping guide.

To sum up, can’t do anything without a PC, furthermore, I discover that I have stretched myself too thin and I must keep my overwhelm at bay. At least for my mental peace. I shouldn’t overstress myself. But don’t get me wrong, do you reckon I failed? No, not at all! A big no. Here’s some positive prospectives.

I’d like to conclude furthermore

1- 1st I wrote a story on a plot I wasn’t comfortable with.

2- I completed it not only before deadline but wrote it in one night.

3- I can still publish it somewhere else or in any other contests, after all it doesn’t end there.

4- I stretched my leg in the city after a month to get my PC repaired and its a physical boost.

5- Finally I learn a lot and we learn from our mistakes. Today I’m a bit more confident about my next project.

Some points I’d like to suggest my fellow writers:

Don’t overstress yourself on an Idea, if it’s not coming leave it, at least for some time. Try to shift your mind and engage in an activity that interest you. Writer’s block is a temporary problem, even the greatest writers experience it too. Try to write something, perhaps random, so you can feel confident or read books by your favorite authors as well as new and struggling writers, sometimes they come up with fresh and better Ideas and you don’t feel awe struck you know their work isn’t perfect, maybe you can do better than this. Believe me it will surely boost your confidence If many things weren’t going in favor, still there are many things we find rewarding, and so there’s nothing like a good day or a bad day. It’s just part of life.

As I end up writing this here on Hi, I can’t tell you how light and delighted I’m feeling. The best part of writing on Hi, yes, we don’t have to bother about mistakes too much as we, (at least I) write for ourourselves.

This piece of writing may sound boring to some, But this is what I’ve been through.

Finally, I blew some steam off here and who knows if my experience may assist someone. (Chuckle)

I’d like to mention these two beautiful quotes by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Don’t read success stories you will, get only message…  Read failure stories, You will get some ideas to get success!!

”We learn from failure, not from success

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Ending with this quote —-

Stand up and speak out against injustice or endure it.You have only two options. And if you choose former you can change the macrocosm. But only if you opt for the latter, sorry, but you genuinely deserve the condition you are in.

By ~ Labina Gul ©All rights reserved

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