The end of the year is nigh ...

December 18th, 2013, 9am

It is really hard here to get in the holiday spirit. It has been mainly sunny and pleasant for 2 months and there is no christmas decoration (or menorah) to be found anywhere, unless you check the 5 star hotels like Hilton and Sheraton.

Ok, so there was a politically correct ‘december holidays’ concert at school and the constant chatter of ‘going home for the holidays’ is all over the expat community …

I still do not feel it, this will come when I get out of the airport in Frankfurt in a few days, feeling cold and hearing x-mas music all over the place :)

Happy Holidays everyone …

The Ethiopian christmas btw. is on Jan. 7th. And no, there is no tree.

Samuel, Tim, Paul, Adrian and 2 others said thanks.

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Peter Nacken

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