Can you hear it?

July 22nd, 2016, 8pm

Can you hear that?


The crickets. The sound is almost deafening. It’s strange how it sneaks up on you, how one minute you think you sit in absolute silence, and the next you realise that you’re smack dab in the middle of a veritable cricket orchestra, it’s so loud! It’s like a world of sound.

No, since my ear got bad I can no longer hear that.

(Pause) What about that?


The wind. You see how the top of the tall aspen tree sways in the breeze? The dancing leaves make a faint rattling sound. I can hear it from here.

No. I can’t hear it.

What about that? The persistent chirping of the swallow chicks underneath the roof tiles?

I heard a bird call just now, once or twice. Is that what you mean?

No, I heard that as well, but … You can no longer hear those sounds?

No. (Pause) Please, don’t remind me.

Lloyd, David Wade and Vosco said thanks.

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