Any place with a capital spelled K Y Z Y L has just GOT to be interesting!

August 28th, 2016, 8am

Coming to Tuva was an obvious thing to do while in Russia, for all my family history. Arriving in the place, it turned out to be a pilgrimage. So many things from my childhood revolved around Tuva, I have a constant feeling that I am understanding my life and that of my father, and of Feynman, more deeply. Seeing the valley where the Arzhaan Schythian brutal sites where the gold panther came from, seeing pins in the national museum that we had at home, seeing carvings, instruments, costumes, and photos of my father with Tuvans in their photo albums, speaking of him as a dear friend who they’ve missed for almost thirty years. I am an adopted son in this remote corner of Siberia.

David Wade said thanks.

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Ian Leighton

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