Horses aren't afraid of missing out.

September 30th, 2014, 10pm

Today, as I found myself in the middle of nowhere, on a very lonely road in south west iceland, catching a glimpse of rare sunshine and enjoying the break from the heavy rain that has been with us for the last few days, my brain shifted towards all that I had been missing out on while being away from civilazition: the work emails I haven’t checked in 3 days, my news feed, the Slack channel conversations with my mates, someone’s birthday that I may be forgetting about.

“What exciting new articles am I missing out on?”

“What if…”

I panic a bit. I reach out for my phone; no signal, no data connection, nothing.

There’s a pack of wild horses just ahead of the road.

These horses in front of me don’t think about what they’re missing out on. They worry about lining up together so they can protect the pact from the strong winds. They worry about getting food, running around to the next better place to live their happy content life with whatever it is that nature gives them.

Horses don’t suffer from the fear of missing out. “I’m no better than a horse when it comes to enjoying life”, I thought.

I’ll get better at this, but I’m still learning. This thing of enjoying the present moment is serious hard work.

Thanks, horsies, for the reminder.

Shu, Christine, Michael and June said thanks.

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Ricardo Magalhães

Doing whatever possible to soak up what the world has to offer. I try to give something back. Currently working as a web developer in London, but it's the walking, the getting lost, the words and the photography that keep me best company.

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