Some groundnuts and boiled corns on display, at a fair in Madurai town; waiting for customers, basking in the balmy weather.

June 21st, 2012, 6pm

The evening visit scheduled for the Naykkar palace was a reason enough to venture out into the balmy weather at Madurai town. Even though it boasts about a fine blend of tradition and culture, the street food and cuisine is what one shouldn’t miss at Madurai. Madurai makes you drool in all that it offers and ahead of the palace grounds, a festival atmosphere makes it more merrier as that tickles your taste buds!

Christine and Ragini said thanks.

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Gayatri S

Author. Traveller. highly expressive, roaring appetite for design and books. Biryani addict. Chai binger. Artist. cat-person with bouts of flippancy. Lover.

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