April 25th, 2016, 6pm

April 25, 2015.

7:00pm. Me and my best friend stepped out of the car dressed in our skirts. We walked quickly across the street and into the warm building. It was drizzling outside. Our hair was wet. We entered the room of the party. Across the room I saw him. He was standing with his friends, but apart from them. Staring right at me. We walked over to him and said hi. She hugged him first, then it was my turn. When he held me it felt… right. The ceremony started(did I mention it was a bar mitzvah that I wasn’t invited to, but went because he was there). After the ceremony, there was plenty of food. But I wasn’t hungry. Me and my friend quietly slipped out of the room and went looking for the bathroom to freshen up. My phone vibrated. It was him. The text read, “where are you? Come back”. We went back to the party.

8:00pm. We were bored. Me and him and my friend were all just hanging out. He left to go hang out with his friends. Me and my friend went on a walk around the hotel. We were trying to find him.

8:30pm. It was really raining. The big raindrops were vibrating off the roof of the building. I hadn’t seen him in a while. My phone vibrated. It was him. The text read, “we found a way up to the roof.”

8:40pm. I saw him. He was standing at the end of the hall near a door with his hands in his pockets. My friend left me. It was just me and him. He took my hand and we went up the stairs. He opened a door and we were there, standing on the roof of the building.

8:50pm. The rain was coming down hard. It was just me and him in a world of lights.

We almost kissed

I moved away the day after that happened.

David Wade said thanks.

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