South Florida is a "human zone."

November 11th, 2013, 10am

There are so many incredibly beautiful places to be found in Florida. I found one recently, on a hat tip from my mom about a “really sweet place to spark up a joint. If you’re into that.”

This park was amazing. And vast. And a perfect ocean view, and perfect sand, and perfect rocks.

I say that South Florida is a thoroughly human zone, because even in a relatively unspoiled stretch of coastline, you can see our influence. There’s a federal facility across the way, and I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to type out what it does (Hint: US Navy). Nova Southeastern University has an oceanography research center around here someplace.

And it doesn’t seem real that this isn’t a genuinely solitary place. They don’t really exist down here. There aren’t a lot of beachfront spots that don’t have some kind of human imprint on them, that someone hasn’t figured out how to commercialize or industrialize or make productive in some fashion.

That’s just real life down here, I suppose. It doesn’t make things better, or worse, really. Just a rigorously un-secluded part of the world, with just the fewest secrets left to reveal. Maybe.

Christine said thanks.

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Danielle King

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