The cycling results are in

August 20th, 2016, 5pm

Holland and Sweden came joint top.

In the Rio the leader board went:

Great Britain: 12 - six golds, four silvers and two bronze.

Holland: 6 - two golds, three bronze, one bronze.

Sweden: 2 - one gold one silver.

Canada: 2 -both bronze.

But the real medal table is based on my experiences cycling in these countries over the last couple of months. Points are scored for: the extent of cycle tracks/lanes, the quality of bike schemes, the lack of glass on the tarmac/trail, and the respect for cyclists/road skills/general un-twatishness/lack of pea-brained aggression among motorists.

Equal first: Sweden and Holland.

Third: Canada

Way back in fourth: Great Britain.

I am not anti-GB Cycling. They’re brilliant, I get a thrill each time they swish past me on the A6 heading out from or back to their Manchester HQ. I hope that in a couple of Olympics they will have knocked France off the top of the all time medal table - that would be amazing.

Their success comes from lottery money and now more of that needs to go into infrastructure, not just Sustrans and leisure paths, but every day As to Bs and back, backed by driver education and Canadian type protection for cyclists built into traffic law.

Then maybe in two Olympics time we can top both medals boards.

David Wade and Adrian said thanks.

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Steve Dearden

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