"It will have to be a window into something else."

February 21st, 2014, 10am

Frolic on the lawn, says the lawn.

There is grass in stubby clumps of wide blades and coarse, firm edges. Somehow, they feel almost greasy.

Nearby is a lychee field. There are only a few lychee trees, which I cannot identify. Nearby is an elephant’s ear tree, and a wrinkled hickory.

They call this arch a portal. It’s a hundred years old. From what I’ve heard you could once see through it to a cove in Little Sarasota Bay. It was once a frame for a grande allée.

The frame still remains, even though the overgrowths of time and vine prevent the picture from being seen.

It will have to be a window into something else.

David Wade, Christine and Nelson said thanks.

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Michael Vagnetti

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