Ironic. Isn't it? We know how life makes us suffer, but we still make others suffer without even realizing! #13ReasonsWhy?

January 6th, 2016, 8pm

It was 16°C with scattered clouds. The wind was calm.

This piece of literature made me, no forced me to think about myself. Yes, many people charge accusations at me too. Many are not satisfied. But the point is how have I tried, not to just make them happy, but to improve myself. So begin with yourself, the roads will themselves get cleared of hurdles. And I realized that we do NOT observe. Our surroundings, people and every place conceals melancholy and despondency. And we too play a role. Consciously? No. But Unconsciously? Yes! So we need to decipher the despair that we have encrypted. Make a space for others in your small little bubble of ”me”. Help people. To make them live a better life. And stop tainting lives. Leave behind eye-crinkling smiles. Paint moments that leave you aching for more or clutching your stomach for a laugh. And not tears streaking your face. Be a better person NOW.

Vy said thanks.

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Hamda Anjum

Yes...I'm normal. But sometimes I'm not. And I'm not going to ignore the fact that I do loose control. Yes, I do. Disturbing? I know. But I'm feeling it; the change. A chance to be a better person. And I WILL give it a shot; my BEST shot. So dear future me, here I come!

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