It'll be all right

June 7th, 2014, 1am

I was in Amsterdam last spring, suitably suffering from some Amsterdam blues (unexplainable melancholic mindset completely unrelated to illegal substances, mind you.) when we walked into a narrow pub called Café Alto. At the bar there was no point in speaking at all, the music was really big and loud and the place really small, and I was completely fascinated by the way that the waitress moved unhindered between the tables, picking up glasses, taking orders, leaving change as if there were no obstacles in the way at all - somewhat reminiscent of a hummingbird with lots of flowers to choose from, or maybe a waitress ninja.

Then, there was these guys playing. That old man sure can sing. I swear all my problems flew out the window, the knots in my spine loosened and the crease between my eyebrows smoothed out. I didn’t know their name but today (February 2015) I came across it, and this video. Also, I unearthed a drawing I did of that café. I’d like to see them again sometime.

Soulcatchers International

Soulcatchers International at Café Alto

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