Today was a near sad day. Because today was a ......

May 23rd, 2016, 6pm

Today was a sad day. Because I was writing maths exam in a entirely stupid way than I ever did. I love maths. But why we people aren’t being loved by it. This gets added to my sad days list. I don’t get depressed of marks but of my own route such that I can’t control my mind. I am sure I need a effort to do that which I lack now but I will be having it by a second now. I am sure I am not here to be down this much. I am here to accomplish what I want and when. Even thee is lot of ups and downs in my life,I won’t be lying down anytime and anywhere. I will wake up as soon as I fell down. This is sure which is written in my heart by birth. I hope you also starts to believe that about me and also yourself now on,which is the most important.

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Seeni Vasan

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