How much more is there to Life than what we know?

September 19th, 2015, 8pm

Ever take a moment to wonder what Life is all about? Sounds like a really basic question doesn’t it, but is it? In reality very few people seem to ever deeply consider what meaning they attach to Life. It’s all about the basics to the average Joe out there, wake up everyday, go to work or do whatever routine they engage in everyday (if any), put food on the table, pay the bills, and same thing again the next day. What variety there is to this rut they are stuck in is few and far between and more often than not the result of external factors. I want to venture and say it’s time to change. There is much more to Life. There is one who promises an abundant Life. Join me on this adventure of exploring this abundant life and the one who grants it.

Ava said thanks.

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Mubanga Kabwela

When I die and cross the river, may the words of My lord to me be "Well done good and faithful Servant, enter into the rest of your Lord."

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