I want to break everything that you own

Make you look at all the pieces lying on the floor

Wonder how any of it was ever whole to begin with.

Waiting for the day you choose experience as the process that deepens us

Is the image of a long and narrow bridge, drawn high across a riverbed

That hasn’t seen water in so many years.

We spend effort churning sadness so that it does not sit heavy in our gut

And so that it does not churn us.

As waves are responsible for the life of a sailor

Teaching him patience and vigilance.

What is to learn from surrendering?

However elastic our definition of truth

The tendency is to stretch that definition as far as it will go

Until in the middle of the night, a last pond of privacy

When we no longer recognize the hands we fight with

A place where we come back to ourselves.

Fidelity like a driven spike in my mind

And a longing I cannot name.

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