It's messy.

May 9th, 2016, 3pm

It was 32.2°C. The breeze was gentle.


What a clean and simple word. So easy, someone from another country speaking another foreign language could learn it with a few tries. Oh however, if we were to really look into it, past the literal definition of course, it is anything but clean and simple.

I feel as if people feel as if their problems, their daily life struggles and burdens that weigh on their shoulders, continue to keep the world on its destined course. As if, if one person “failed” to accomplish or complete a responsibility or expectation, that the world as we know would come crashing down - and I get it, I feel that way sometimes too. But the truth is, everyone has their own world. And yes, your world may intertwine with some others, which in turn might allow your decisions to have a ripple affect on theirs. However! Your world is so small. Your world is so, so, very small.

If you don’t like the expectations of your life right now, think. Are you happy? Not with your family, your accomplishments, nor with your dog, but with how your life is right now. Do you like what you are studying in school right now? Are you truly interested in learning more and more about it every day? Or, do you like what career or job you’re with? Do you go to work with motivation because of the money needed to pay the bills, or because you genuinely like your time spent there?

Life is short. I live here in North Carolina. My life is here. But do I want it to remain here? Probably not. I want to see more. (Because we all have other options) Honestly, I don’t know you, random reader, but I encourage you to broaden your horizon.

I am truly and genuinely enthralled with learning about different cultures, but if I were to tell my mother that one day I would really enjoy moving to France, she’d probably give me the motherly look she always does. But there’s life outside North Carolina. There’s life outside Arkansas, Florida, Washington, wherever you are. Don’t you think life is too short to be so focused on where you are now? Just think of the endless possibilities we all have. Don’t just study something in college because it’s the closest major to something you kinda like… Education is a gift! Use it for whatever you please. Whether it be mythology, ancient tribes, perhaps legends? History, science? English? Read a book you can’t put down! The world is so different, so beautiful and unique in every aspect.

Don’t limit yourself. I guess that’s all I’m trying to say here. Life is too short.

David Wade and holly said thanks.

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Jenna Milliken

Decided to live my life for the experiences. Wishful traveler, passionate writer. Dreamer with actions. 17 and ready to go.

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