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November 8th, 2014, 3pm

I began to love enjoying cities by walking since I visited Bandung. Then I tried the same way at Jogja. The result was amazing. I fell in love both. They are amazing, though I love Bandung more than Jogja, since public transportation is almost everywhere at Bandung.

And then I visited Jakarta. You can find numerous public transportation here. Started from train, bus, mini bus, angkot, ojek, bemo, even delman also available. Unfamiliar to previous terms? Google Images might help. *wink

Exception for downtown street, I found it lacks of such features such pedestrian which large, clean, comfortable to walk with. And tress around the street, even more at hot noon. And pedestrian seats to take a rest for awhile before continue exploring the cities.

If you want visit Jakarta, you can visit museums, attractions, pleasure, beach, and many others. But please be aware this is the capital city and you should not wonder that your trip will meet any jams. *grin

What about your city? Is it a lovable city to walk around with?

Christine said thanks.

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AMYunus Mas

City traveler, neither photographer nor storyteller

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