Planet Fitness Downtown L.A.

September 1st, 2016, 7pm

It was 21.7°C. The wind was light.

Getting ready to finally get fit to optimal fitness and fully be buffed. I start my payment this month on the 7th. I believe I can lazily get fully buffed with in 2 two years of being at the gym, given it is a 24 twenty four hour gym and I have a full schedule to dedicate to being physically fit. At $10.00 ten dollars a month you can’t beat the price tag. Hell, with as little as $240.00 two hundred forty dollars I can pay off 2 two years membership. I think I will first concentrate on my stomach, cardio and forearms before starting on my chest. I had a friend who achieved the same level of fitness in 2 two years. I believe I can do the same.

Below is the location of the gym.

Los Angeles (DTLA), CA 437 Broadway Los Angeles, CA 213.699.0030

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Anthony Briones

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