Working from home for the morning.

July 17th, 2013, 10am

It was 19°C with overcast. The breeze was gentle.

It started by wanting less clutter in our life. I like to imagine the things we own, their weight, and the work the building does to hold them aloft four stories.

Silver disks are sentimental, but fading. We decided to rid ourselves of them. What’s left are some 400 odd CDs, which I put into a little web page for selling:

To my delight, people responded, and we’ve sold nearly 35% of our collection. But running a record store comes with complications. How do you deliver the product?

Today I relied on my sister, from out of town, who was passing through. She took four orders off my hand: one for her, one for a stranger in her town, one for a friend of hers, and one for an old friend who lives near her. That, combined with a need to do some work in a quiet environment (wife and child colluded by going to a park all morning) led me to set up at home for a mornings labor. Plus, we had good leftovers.

Now? The CDs are picked up. The lunch is eaten. I’m going to wrap up what’s happening now and step out for the 1/4 mile walk to the office. It’s a beautiful day in Seattle. Muggy, cool, with a lazy haze that evokes Summer.

Cassie and Andrew said thanks.

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Martin McClellan

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