Architect visiting unexpected Mecca

September 5th, 2013, 4pm

It was 24°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Harry’s a Tennessee boy who grew up here and there (Navy family) with dreams of (a) being an architect and (b) living in Japan.

The former took a few years. The latter took a few decades. In the interim, life. And now: another life.

He’s lived in Japan for nearly four years but this was his first trip to Hokkaido. We’d just spent 48 hours exploring every corner of Hakodate, and when we reached Sapporo neither of us expressed too much enthusiasm over visiting more historic buildings.

After hearing me describe the Turrell exhibitions he said, “I hear there’s a park here designed by Noguchi.”

Fast forward 60 minutes and we’ve rented tiny (for us) bicycles and we’re wheeling through a wonderland of pyramids, mounds, groves, and Willy Wonka-esque playgrounds.

We didn’t know how delightful it would be, but that’s what we love about Japan. Delight lurks around every turn.

And there’s nothing like a delighted architect.

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John Pull

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