Inversely related Education and Knowledge

May 29th, 2014, 2pm

In most cases education is referred to the academic certificates individuals collect. But what is missing here is knowledge. Education and knowledge have no direct connection in most part of the world. At least in India it doesn’t have. There are many examples to prove it. One of the most hilarious is an interview by former Income Tax Commissioner Vishwa Bandhu Gupta in which he explains how rains can disrupt cloud computing.

When India is mentioned in global circles, what primarily gets highlighted is a huge young graduates who are vying to get jobs. But what is not mentioned in the same zeal is their knowledge level. But you cannot blame them because their education had no direct connection to knowledge. They were given a list of books to cram and they did it excellently. They were never asked to gain knowledge. As a result of our poor education system, we now have millions of youngsters who are finding it difficult to answer basic general knowledge questions which are necessary for every job – even technical or mechanical jobs. There are so many articles across the media on this. Read some of them here and here

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