Adventures in CatMommyhood

May 28th, 2014, 2am

It was 13.3°C. The breeze was gentle.


I got a wild hair to clean the bathroom sink at 1am, don’t ask me why I don’t even know. But I am elbow deep in powdered sink cleanser when Chessie decides to ‘help’ me in that way that only pets and toddlers can. Because I cannot have children who will eventually grow up and sponge off me by living in the basement, I have a cat who pretty much lives anywhere in the house she so desires and sponges off me and will never leave toddlerhood. There’s some karma at work there but I refuse to examine it… anyhow, on with the story.

So I am scrubbing away and Chessie jumps up to see what Mommy is doing and Mommy PANICS because OhMyGods she is going to eat cleanser and die, aaarrrgh! I scoop up the cat and yell from the top of the stairs for Grammies who is downstairs minding her own business, asking her to come up and wipe cleanser off the cat while I hold her. Thankfully Chessie only has back claws so I didn’t bleed. Then of course we are halfway through the process when she escapes (Hey, you try to hold a frisky two year old of any species when they DO NOT want to be cleaned with a damp washcloth, dood, you too will let go when the chips are down, or claws as the case might be) and runs around the house looking for escape. Grammies thinks we got enough off for safety but now I am watching the kitty like a hawk in case she is going to get sick. Gah!

And I wonder why I have nightmares about protecting small animals, it’s all ChessieKitty’s fault. I mean really, do mothers of human children worry this much? How do they not ALL have ulcers? I got off easy, didn’t I?

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Stephanie Sommers

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