I knew this day would come.

May 19th, 2016, 2pm

It was 22°C with few clouds. The breeze was brisk.

I remember the first time my dad introduced me to this website. It was young and the first moment I saw was the introduction to Hi.co. I fell in love with this website. I wrote everyday. Weekdays and Weekends. I even slacked in school just to write. 2 years later, my world has be falling down ever since I found about…it. I have so many stories that I could have told. About my bullying story, about my anti-bullying project….It helped me a lot through my depression….When this site started, I was 12. Now, I’m 13 coming to 14. My birthday is on June the 1st. At least I can celebrate my birthday with Hi.co.

So, I wipe my tears away, I know this isn’t goodbye. I wish this didn’t happen. I know that is a selfish wish I know but…But…I don’t want to say goodbye! I want it to be here all the way until I’m older and I can show to everyone when I’m older and tell them my story. I want to tell this world that I am a victim of bullying, Depression and a suicide surviver and tell to everyone who is going through that it’s alright…. This site changed me to the person who I am today. It is a selfish wish and I don’t care!..I will do anything to change this dumb fate that will strike on this website. These people, Craig, Chris, Christine all of this people…They made me to who I am as a person. I’m pretty sure when I joined this site, I was the youngest writer and to be honest, I’m pretty proud of that. Now, I see a 6th grader in this site and I am so happy that kids are joining this amazing site and writing their story. I wrote silly things and I laugh when I read them now. It made me realize how much I changed.

These things are not gonna stop me. I don’t want them to stop me but sometimes, You just gotta let it go. Let it flow out. Tears are streaming down as I type this.

..I am still here. I will stand with this site until the final seconds.

I will be here, typing until that horrible day of September the 1st.

I will share all of my stories as fast I as can

It’s not goodbye. It’s See you later.


[ Thank you for everything Hi.co ]

Paul and David Wade said thanks.

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Liz See

“It doesn’t really matter what color your dress is. What matters is the heart inside.” —Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

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