#17 City life after Yellowstone in Bozeman, MT

June 15th, 2014, 3pm

After Yellowstone, we stopped for two nights in Bozeman, MT because it was a comfortable town, nestled against beautiful Montana mountains. We needed a “city day” after the tourist-y nature of Yellowstone, so we spent one whole day exploring stores, not forests. We spent two nights before heading out at the Bozeman Walmart, which was very RV friendly. We visited Cooper Park, a lovely un-fenced park where off-leash dogs are welcome. We walked through the surrounding neighborhood and fell in love with the town.

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Pamela Drouin

We're documenting our cross-country move from Tampa to Seattle. The moments we encounter will be bilingual. // Estamos documentando nuestra mudanza desde Tampa a Seattle. Los momentos que pasemos serán bilingües.

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