Brief Reviews: 22 Jump Street

July 5th, 2014, 10pm

It was 19.4°C with overcast. The wind was light.

If you’ve considered seeing 22 Jump Street, get ready for a smart stupid comedy.

The reality is that the writers behind 22 Jump Street (notably Michael Bacall, who also wrote 21 Jump Street) decided to be completely, unabashedly in sequel mode. They wrote sequel jokes, penned a plot identical to the first movie, and did it in such a way that every single important actor was willing to come back and work on the project—even Dave Franco in what is one of my favorite ‘cameo’ roles in a while.

22 Jump Street is smart though. The jokes, if you’re quick, make sense and are funny immediately. Don’t worry, they stretch out the punchlines long enough that everyone will get them, but I liked that not only did this move evoke my laughter in the theater (I’m a bit stingy with laughing at movies that try to make me laugh), but I was often one of the first in the theater. () I can’t really take credit for that though, as it takes good writing, and good acting to make that happen.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are such a great duo, they really bring the roles together. The odd couple has a chemistry that makes all of the character development and emotional reactions seem realistic and genuine. Yep, I just said Channing Tatum wasn’t a wooden post in this movie (I would argue he’s pretty underrated, but that’s a whole different post).

Basically, if you’re looking for some mostly-mindless fun, 22 Jump Street is where it’s at. It’s got action, romance, awkwardness, drinking… basically it’s just like college.

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