heartbreak tastes like frozen tears, salty and sad with a side of loneliness, frozen in time.

January 5th, 2016, 4pm

It was 0.6°C. The wind was light.

A single tear fell onto my trembling lip, and slid onto my tongue and down my throat. I was at loss of words, frozen in time, that sharp moment of sadness and horror forever burned into my mind. We all have these moments, heartbreaking moments that change our little safe corners of the world. This particular painful, unbearable, sad heartbreak that I went through was different than the others, in more ways than one. It had started out like any other Saturday morning, quiet, long, restful, sleep. Of course, it could not last forever, for I was awoken by four loud knocks on my wooden apartment door. The whole room shook with the power of the hand that was knocking, it could only be one person. I yelled for her to come in, to comfortable to climb out of my warm bed and open the door. A few seconds later my stunning girlfriend walked into the room, long blond hair tucked behind her ears, long legs dressed in black legging, and eyelashes coated with mascara blinking shyly. She, however; was not alone, two other equality stunning girls stood behind her, looking at me. So there I was, bed head, bad breath, and plaid boxers. Sitting in a sloppy bed, facing the three most beautiful girls on the planet, I winced and flatted my matted brown hair with my fingers. I asked my girlfriend why she and her friends had come here to see me. She said that we needed to talk about something, I frowned. Looking up at her pale face I could see that we was unhappy, I had a feeling bad news was coming. Her friend with the hot pink hair told me to hurry up and get dressed, while the dark skinned one with curls nodded in agreement. Feeling very confused and intimidated, I practically flew to the bathroom and threw on my clothes. I followed the girls out of my apartment down the elevator and out onto the city street, where we stopped at a Starbucks. I ordered everyone coffee and paid, then carried the drinks to a corner table where the girls were waiting. I reluctantly sat down to hear what they had to say, and I didn’t like it. By the end of our trip to Starbucks, I had broken up with my beloved girlfriend of three years. It took me almost three days to soak it in, and I was heartbroken. She had been perfect, I was in fact very close to proposing. She had everything I could ever want, she was beautiful, inside and out, smart, loving, funny and caring. Apparently, she had been cheating on me for two years and had now chosen the other guy over me. I was lost in the world without her, the person I loved, the person I dreamed of night and day, I thought I would die. I was frozen, frozen in time, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. I would wake up, go to work come home and eat, like a robot, every day. I barely spoke to anyone, I didn’t bother do anything that wasn’t required, I was lost and broken. After half of a year, I mopped around miserably. Until the seventh month of my pain, when my ex-girlfriend knocked on the door, just as she had done the day of our beak-up. She said that she wanted to get back together, she said that missed me and loved me. I wanted to kiss her on the spot, say yes, get back together, make life great again, but I didn’t. I didn’t because of what she had done to me, what she had put me through, something told me that she must not be rewarded for my painful six months. I shook my head and closed the door, and it was done, It was over, and for some odd reason, I felt better than ever. I realized that closure was very important in a relationship, it makes life easier. I now apply closure to everything that I can when ever I can, it helps me cope with all sorts of situations thrown my way. This did not mend my broken heart, it did not fix my world that had been destroyed. I still moped, and to this day I still wince in pain when her name comes to mind, but, it is not as bad as before. Closure is important, but love is very strong. Which is why heartbreak tastes like frozen tears, salty and sad with a side of loneliness, frozen in time.


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