Well this should be the start of something. after not really taking part in social after secondary school, this might be the start of typing my opinions down again.

March 11th, 2014, 3pm

About a week later, I finally come back and write a “story” of my “sketch”. Who knew that even being unemployed, you still don’t have enough time.

I studied Journalism and Visual Media in college and in my first year of college, I was using social media for what for me was regular. Social media means Twitter and Facebook and making comments on my posted links or just comments. Now I only post links.

As the course went on, I found that the more preparation I was doing to works I created in the course, the more I found myself less able to articulate what I think on a topic in 140 characters or 500 words. So those mediums became less relevant to me I suppose. I, without offence to people who find they fit, outgrew them. I also found that the energy needs to compose a thought was something I didn’t want to do.

So this is an attempt to get back into the conversation. Only on signing up and creating my first post did I really understand the focus of Hi was on those flashes of wonder you get when you are not in a place of certainty. Agh well, I know those moments, let’s hope I remember to type them out and if not there is always tumblr.

Adrian, Paul and Christine said thanks.

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