Finally in the last semester of my Master's degree...

May 9th, 2016, 10pm

I moved to USA in August 2014 to do my Master’s. So, now, I’m in my final semester and about to graduate soon! So, my roommate’s parents are visiting us for the ceremony(Mine couldn’t make it). Well, one of the first things we did when showing them around New York was to take them to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory near the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh Boy! It seems like yesterday that I had my first taste of ice cream in there. I’ve been there a lot of times afterwards but, it still felt as good as the first time. After graduation, I might have to move away from New York, so, this might have been the last time I saw it. This place is going to have a special place in my memories for all the fun that me and my friends had during all the times we’ve been there. Thanks a lot for the wonderful ice cream, Ice Cream Factory!

Paul, Craig, David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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