When you're sick food taste bland. It's unfortunate because food should lift your spirit and be your comfort when you're feeling low.

April 28th, 2014, 4pm

For the past year or so my seasonal allergy became a nuisance . Instead of the runny nose and itchy eyes that I typically get, I’ve developed cold like symptoms that last the entire day. Forget the fun filled activities that I planned on going. I have to ditch them because no one wants to be around someone who is constantly blowing their nose and looking like Rudolph. My body aches, my head is burning, and my nose is constantly dripping. Despite the lack of energy and the desire for food, I had to put something in my body.

I cooked a very spicy noodle broth that didn’t do justice for my stuffy nose. I couldn’t taste the herbs and spices. This should have soothed my body but instead made me more miserable. The noodles that I picked up on my fork tasted nothing. It was unsatisfying to say the least.

I decided to sleep after my food failed to provide me nourishment.

Christine said thanks.

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Penelope Louisa

I'm a Taurus and a bibliophile. You can find me laughing alone or at a really dumb joke that my friends groan to.

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