On the way in to town and on the way out of town my taste buds have been altered forever. The most delicious flavors are all included; they are all sitting in the palm of my hand.

Everything that I desire is a bite away.

The baby blue painted picnic table with some local that cannot stop telling me about how much money he does or doesn’t have. How his very important position has him traveling from town to town …

I grab the hot sauce and pour ever so slowly onto the lightly browned shrimp that are comfortably wedged in the Italian roll, cushioned by shredded lettuce.
They change color as they are doused just until they are lightly dripping with the fluid of the gods.

Lips are touching them as the vinegar scent travels up to clear passages.

Mind knows what is coming, anticipation no longer needed, I am here! … taking the first bite.

I no longer hear the local telling me his story, all I can do is try to keep my eyes open while I savor the flavors’ that are mingling with my taste buds. I don’t know where I am or what Is keeping me from falling off the bench. My body is lifted away and I have no control of my senses.


How have I gone my entire life without eating one of these every week – what am I going to do when I return home and cannot get the same flavors mixed into one bite as I am right this minute.

Forget the future and live in the now – I have everything I need right now, I don’t need anything…

belly is happy - mind is happy

I don’t have to worry about two days from now when I can’t find anything comparable

I have it all in the present — wonderful shrimp Po’boy!

June, Craig and Christine said thanks.

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mi 2

"Man, I didn't even know what city I was in!" ....Rickie Lee Jones

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