May 11th, 2016, 6pm

It was 16°C with broken clouds. There was moderate breeze.

The month of May has shyly brought a upon series of unexpected change and disruption to my usual calm and peaceful life. It’s not that the disruption is an absolute evil force, I sincerely believe that it can bring positive change to my life. It’s just that my brain has refused to cope. My brain, my lazy brain, stubborn at most times is finally rebelling against me. We used to harmonise to some degree - we discuss, agree and we move on. These days I get these non stop chattering, almost in an incoherent manner and to be honest I don’t even recognise my own voice anymore. Yes I know you may be thinking this girl is going insane. Let me reassure you that I’m all fine. As I am writing this, my brain has asked me to stop writing this crap and it called me a stupid bitch which I responded back screw you brain. Perphaps you should try to have a conversation with your brain and share your experiences. I am dying to hear how I can tame this thing to be as obedient as it used to be.

Suthi said thanks.

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