Bright fake mornings in this half-home. This city always feels peaceful. Perhaps because it was never fully mine?

January 5th, 2014, 1pm

It was 13.3°C. The wind was calm.

I grew up in Arizona’s north and moved south to go to college. I set up shop in Phoenix: the sprawling capital of subdivisions and freeways scattered with worthwhile pockets. In this landscape bloomed the unpredictable social network expansion that often follows going off to college.

This expansion ultimately led me to another city yet more south. Once a month I would wake up, driving on the highway to Tucson.

David Wade and Richard said thanks.

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Ryan Lane

Hey there, I'm Ryan. I write a lot of things: code, music, journals. Ceaseless day-dreams fuel me. I am a perpetual student of the world. I'm sure we will get along famously.

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