What I learnt from my dog?

November 28th, 2015, 9pm

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Be the person whom your dog thinks you are.-J.W Stephens.

The world is in a paradox mode actually, people are killing each other and coming in groups and attacking nations, when I see these attacks I get only one thought that is: “why can’t this world live in peace”? in our short journey why should we always think of causing pain to others, or creating sorrow in a family? People need to think like humans first rather acting worse than beasts.

When I talk about beasts I remember one the phenomenal stories like the Yeti, the enormous snowman whom I watched in the famous animated series ‘The adventures of Tin-tin’ that was the day I realized voice dubbing is a very difficult task after watching some making videos of this beautiful episode titled: ‘Tin-tin in Tibet’ which is about Tin-tin rescuing his friend Chan after he ends up in a plane crash, I wanted to mention this as Herge the author of the original book, before it was animated has pictured the kindness of Yeti who actually saves the boy after the air crash.

Beasts as they are called are actually very instinctive and innocent beings.

So now if I think and try to tell you what I learnt from dog? there is actually so much that I have learnt.

For starters I can tell you definitely I learnt what is patience from him, through his never lose hope attitude to get that share of his loaf of bread or a piece of rusk which we usually have a habit of eating in the mornings.

As I told earlier there is more to learn.I seriously felt I need to share these thoughts as they have helped me a lot to move on in life when I was struggling or when I was off the mood and felt rejected in life at that moment just admire your dog for a few minutes and your back.

My dog according to me is almost happy every time I see him, I do not have the power to read his thoughts, but I have seen him sad when I come back from work and he gives me that stare: “see you don’t care about me!” But the moment I bring out the walking leash he forgets that sorrow and jumps to life.

We should interpret our lives also in the same way sadness is always temporary phase and I am sure we will be happy soon it is left to you to express happiness when happiness knocks on your door.

My dog is a simpleton, he does not argue with me but when I leave him after his bath without wiping him he starts requesting me to wipe him and allow him to play with his towel with his whimpering tone which makes you feel sorry for you in the beginning but later you realize it was scam.

Even though he whimpered to play with his towel, I understood how to request people and negotiate with them rather than staging a mindless argument.

People say dogs don’t have intelligence they just work on instinct, but I see that instinct as a commitment, which works like a binary code if there is strange noise in the lonely corner of my house “come lets investigate that” is the program in my dogs brain, rather like us humans analyzing the sound and just sleeping it off because we are intellects but,sometimes intellects like us neglect small things and end up in bad shape, from this I understood that , for certain situations we just need to be instinctive in life rather being over intellectual.

The best lesson I have learnt from my 11 year old man is the ever-enthusiasm, towards that simple walk, you wake him up from his deepest of sleep he is ready there wagging his tail and jumping and ready to run out with me for a quick walk.

He understands our language way too well, that is the divinity I learnt from my dog. There is no need for a person to know language to understand what the other person is trying to say, the tone says it all.

I don’t want to mention faithfulness as a lesson as we all know dog is man’s best friend and also known as one of the most faithful animals in the world, but instead of faithfulness I want to put the word courage which he has and barks against an intruder who is trying to trespass, that gave me the lesson about being bold and fighting for the people whom you love irrespective of the situation.

A dog’s life span is 15 years, all through his life he will lead an innocent, honest and loyal life, how many of us can do that?

So guys can we conclude the so called ‘beasts’ are better than us who lead life with a purpose?

let us start learning from the environment around us and start correlating it with the way we live our lives and try to make it better, if you want to know the meaning of unconditional love, I stand by my statement that there is only being that I know who can give to you, it’s your dog.

So let us respect divine beings like these and respect all the beings around us, and make this world a better place to live by showing our advancement in the species through our gentleness and maturity.

Thanks a lot for your time, have a nice day ahead.

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