On this past Tuesday, my 6th grade class walked down to a park called Marine View Park. We were there to help 3rd graders identify plants in the area. It was so awesome to teach them all these wonderful things about nature. At the beginning of the plant teaching, a 3rd grade teacher asks Tsiyon, Ryan and I to go find a lost chaperone. We hiked all the way down to the beach (which was about 5 hills and 400 steps), all the way back up, took another small trail and ended up back where we started. When Ryan and I saw the chaperone standing right in front of our faces, we fell down laughing. We had sooooo much fun that day!

David Wade said thanks.

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Macy Johnson

I love to spend my days pondering over the thought that I'm already a 7th grader, swimming, riding my longboard, and chillin' with friends in the beautiful Seattle sun.

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