Trick or treat? 

October 31st, 2013, 11am

DIY? could every body be a natural born FD? then how do you hear YOU. Yes you can be a small-time undertaker except for yourself, usually, which is quite unfortunate. I’m wondering how to keep control of what would be done / said on my behalf when my time comes, this type of situation is prone to attract patronizing gits of all feathers. The Fremantle scene has heaps of newagish overtones, like the round dance of the poster to celebrate a time many consider sad. however they dance for what seems to be the Blue Planet, cheering some kind of sustainable way of death. This ad posted in a breadshop made my day; my last day in Freo under the glorious morning sun. Halloween would see me flying back to Europe and its ghostly winter mist.

David Wade said thanks.

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Tom Frozart

PhD in Information science, coaching engineers in hi flying industries worldwide. Former head of scientific team in Antarctica. Author of short stories, Skive Magazine (Sydney)

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