I was fighting for the control of my voice. Trying hard to get my point across without yelling

April 19th, 2016, 10pm

The table was the only thing between us. We were almost yelling, defending a cause without knowing the reason behind. It was like talking in different languages, we only understood the words that left our mouths not the ones that resonated in our ears. We did not took the time analyze nor to translate. We shouted back, as soon as the other person stopped talking. Because if you stop to think for a second you show weakness and the weak one is always the one who ends up losing (otherwise it would not be weak, but strong without any confidence). And, what happens if you win? Who’s going to give you a medal? What happens with the other person? How do they feel or react? Probably confused, their brains has just processed your first argument while yours is comfortable because theirs was “wrong”. When did the human brain evolved to this cruel, intelligent and twisted weapon? Shooting at the hollow space between the molecules with such cruel and insecure vibrations, all of them without an objective… When the discussion was over I felt incomplete, hollow in some way I can’t explain. I knew it was my fault. And even though I started the discussion I wasn’t the one who finished it. I just wanted to get my point across, to change their minds without changing mine first. Who am I? How can I be this cruel creature that aims to shoot without a gun, that talks before he thinks, that hurts, without realizing…

David Wade said thanks.

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Robert Tucker

I'm a student,

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