Unsilent Night, serenaded by boomboxes

December 14th, 2013, 9pm

Unsilent Night is a performance art piece where the audience are the performers. The composition Unsilent Night is distributed to participants (originally as cassette tapes), who are given one of 4 parts of the composition, and then everyone plays their parts simultaneously through boomboxes, speakers, smartphones and more as they walk together throughout the city.

It started in 1992 in NYC, and has become an annual tradition in NYC and expanded to over 50 cities around the world.

Why do people do it? It’s a chance to participate in making a unique artistic performance. It’s a chance to share an intimate moment with strangers. It’s a December tradition. It’s a chance to share a walk through a cold night with a peaceful piece of music to create a beautiful moment. Why not?

Marco, Courtney, Lars, Cassie and 10 others said thanks.

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Taylor Davidson

I like big ideas and big spaces. http://taylordavidson.com

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