I am a New Englander.

December 11th, 2013, 3pm

I’m one of those types of people that has never been 100% comfortable with my surroundings or felt 100% at home. When I turned 21 I couldn’t wait to get away from my hometown, on Cape Cod, and after a couple of tumultuous years leading to the eventual drop-out of state college, I was lured by the gravitational pull of Boston. I finally got to Boston and realized rather quickly that my restless nature would not ebb. I have never well and truly felt “home” here. Just like my high school years on the Cape, I took with me that feeling that I belonged somewhere else. But I never searched for that place. I thought it would subside, that longing for an unknown place I would feel home.

I realized today, while driving back to my apartment, that I may only be afforded these slight moments, like the one captured above that made me stop, pull over, and record, where I feel like I am truly home. I realized that is O.K. I realized that I am a New Englander, and I belong here.

Sanna, Adrian and David Wade said thanks.

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Sean Murphy


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