The Goddess Pele at Play

August 26th, 2013, 11am

I had an energy consultation back in Australia a few years ago. The guy held my eye contact for an hour, dove into my pancreas and told me I was filling it with too much coffee. He was right, the only thing I’d consumed so far that morning was a thick, dark, Turkish brew.

He also told me to expect greatness.

He then assigned an archetype card, a symbol to follow, I guess. It happened to be Goddess Pele. Never heard of her. Cue forward several years later, and I saw her. In Hawai’i.

Considered the rival goddess to snow sisters (or something rather), her domain is the volcano. Home is a big crater, and it seems quite hot in there, but there’s some wonderful hula dance and song in her honor on the (greener) parts of the island. Happened to catch one as we walked into the park. Hips, a light drum and beautiful long hair. Love this island!

Highly recommend dinner overlooking the crater. Especially when the lights go out!

ADDENDUM: On Big Island I partook of the local KONA brew, but was again told, by a reiki-yoga-energy teacher, to get off the caffeine. One of these days…

Craig, David Wade, Christine and Ricardo said thanks.

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