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Arrival at the end of the world

by Rose Kuo

Punta arenas — Clutching my oversized parka that I packed “just in case,” I boarded the minibus after 11pm. Everyone was quiet, except for the man next to me who insisted on practicing his English with me loudly. The nighttime ride seemed made for whispers. The sun still streaked across the sky in Punta Arenas at the late hour. I could hear the wind blowing through every hollow it could find. As I neared hour 3...

stars, sky

Surreal sky

by Laurian Gridinoc

San pedro de atacama — Amazing clarity of the atmosphere due to high altitude, dry air (the dryer desert in the world) and no light pollution. (I took that image with a Sony A7s) You can go here in the night (10pm – 1am) ...

Street Art

Street art becomes a landmark.

by Colin Wright

Santiago — I hate it when I don’t have time to thoroughly explore a city. I’m visiting Marrakech in a few days — to sample foods and take a whirlwind tour of the city with a chef friend who’s seeking inspiratio...


Llama sushi rolls, this is so wrong.

by Laurian Gridinoc

San pedro de atacama — Wrapped in quinoa instead of rice, served with two soy sauces (sweet and regular), wasabi and pickled ginger. The llama meat was cooked.

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