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Climbing past the lighthouse.

by Cassie Marketos

Split — Split is full of tourists. This isn’t unusual or a particularly big deal, but after having spent weeks roaming around the Northern interior of Croatia, seeing other people was strange. Seeing anything but trees and mountains was strange. Hitting the pavement along the main strip by the beach, I felt like an alien. Everybody was primped and tan and fake nailed and big, brash cones of melting gelat...

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From Fazana to Brijuni Island (Croatia)

by Viktor Elizarov

Fažana — I took this photo during a driving trip from Italy to the beautiful Croatian Brijuni National Park. This is the view of the town of Fazana from the ferry leaving for Brijuni Island. Before visiting C...

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One way to find some motivation...

by Daniel Sparling

Červar-porat — Having got annoyed (again) at my low levels of productivity and motivation during the past days I came up with a plan, set goals, and gave myself some routine to force myself to work. Luckily I (and ...


by Cassie Marketos

Split — Walking through the Old City of Split today, I stopped to watch a quartet of traditional Dalmation singers performing in the ancient, domed edifice of the Palace оf Diocletian. A flock of young schoo...

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