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Meanwhile, Jonathan from Brussels was drowning.

by Boris Pink

Nong khiaw — The whole village had gathered. The men constructed a raft with little clay figures on top—some animals, I remember, plus a smoking man sitting in front. The women brought food and decorated the family’s balcony. Two weeks ago, a tourist had committed suicide in their hut1. To get rid of the bad spirits, the symbolic raft was about to be shoved down the river in a relieving ritual. While the pe...

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Select the three modes of travel: Rest, Do, Change

by Kevin Kelly

Luang prabang — There is a trinity of travel modes. You might think of these 3 styles as 3 corners of a triangle. Rest. Do. Change. One corner is Vacation. In this mode, you are trying to optimize rest. You seek out...

Travel, drawing, Hostels

The Backpacker Hostel Dormitory Nightly Ritual

by Boris Pink

Luang prabang — The worst thing that could happen when you got to leave your hostel dormitory at 5 am to get your train ride are people who got to leave the same hostel dormitory at 3.30 am to get whatever they need ...

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They used to call me 'spider'. (Because of my tiny arms)

by Boris Pink

Thakhèk — For the sake of saving some cash, I decided to skip professional climbing 1 beginners’ lessons and instead asked a fellow—who claimed to be familiar with vertical practices that include ropes—to be m...

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