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Derya and Me

by Hina Ali

Karachi — Note to the reader: Hi, Thank you for reading it. It is a long and intimate story I will try to finish it as soon as I can. — Derya Kaya- A sister, a friend and a partner in crime. We met in the sco...

When death becomes a routine

by Hina Ali

Karachi — As a Pakistani, I have seen more violence than I could bear. This year has already brought deaths of- a gifted artist, an outspoken women and hundreds others. Often, before going to bed I ask myself:...

I might be too young to experience it, but to understand it, I'm old enough.Past. That's what I'm thinking about lately.

by Hamda Anjum

Lahore — Well, most of my judgments are based on books, stories and novels. They might not be real, but the characters are. So here it is on the plate, about what I learnt; We judge people on their past - we d...

Ironic. Isn't it? We know how life makes us suffer, but we still make others suffer without even realizing! #13ReasonsWhy?

by Hamda Anjum

Lahore — This piece of literature made me, no forced me to think about myself. Yes, many people charge accusations at me too. Many are not satisfied. But the point is how have I tried, not to just make them ha...

Travel, Pakistan, Journalism

Holding on to These Ordinary Days.

by Charlie Grosso

Chitral — The phone pings. It must be time to get up. It’s still dark out but its winter and the alarm is meant to be early. It’s breaking news from the BBC app and not the alarm. I must change the setting. It’...

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