Stories in Canberra

children, playground, aunts

Bush Babies (aka child climbing into giant gumnut)

by Tanja P

Canberra — Hi. It appears the Australian gumnut has still got it. A well known children’s series (authored by Mae Gibbs) tells of the antics of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie__ naked bush babies, adorned only in gum ...


On the next inhale...

by Tanja P

Canberra — Hi. This sketch is massaging an idea for a yoga assignment. Putting the TANJA into PaTANJAli, channelling a bit of yogic wisdom, the whole “I see myself in others” line. Hence why I’ve ditched the pen...

Maybe you wake up—and everything is switched around. There's sixteen stairs where there were fourteen before. And you use emacs.

by Christopher Giffard

Canberra — Maybe you wake up — and everything is switched around. Your furniture is the exact mirror of what you remember. Breakfast is subtly different, but you can’t say how. Your glasses are a slightly differ...

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